Zero Cost Start-Up
(Free Web Hosting)

(no cPanel)

Suitable for those who just want a put simple website online.
For email, can use other free email services such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.
Upon sign-up, we will send you a FTP login info.
Just upload your website.

You can also use this Free Web Hosting to redirect your Domain Name to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

If you do not have any Domain Name.
We can setup a Sub-Domain for you.
It's FREE !

Zero Cost Start-Up
(FREE Web Hosting)

( no cPanel )

per year

  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • 10 GB Bandwidth
  • Host 1 Domain / Website
  • Free 1 Email Forwarder
  • Free 1 Sub-Domain
  • No Email Account
  • No cPanel
  • 1 FTP Account
  • No Database
  • Free HTTPS
  • Weekly Backup
  • You can also use this Free Web Hosting to redirect your Domain Name to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. 
  • ** Terms and Conditions Applied

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More Features

Applicable for all the Web Hosting Plans above

Here are the features and specifications :

  • No Free Domain Name
  • Can use any type of Domain Name for your website (e.g. .com , , and so on)
  • Inode / File Usage = 249,000 max
  • CPU Usage = 100
  • Entry Processes = 20
  • Physical Memory Usage = 1GB
  • IOPS = 1,024
  • I/O Usage = 1MB/s
  • Number of Processes = 100

Any Question?

Why do you need a Web Hosting?
A good Web Hosting, can help you :
• Get better ranking in Google Search result.
• Less or no Downtime. Your website always online.
• Fast loading your website at anywhere in the world.

Can I use the Cheap or FREE Web Hosting?
Yes you can. But in real business, using CHEAP or FREE Web Hosting, is a high risk if your website is important for your business or image.
You may have the following problems :
• Website always down or not accessible.
• Email always unable to send out or always infected by virus or malware.
• Receive lots of spam emails with virus attachment file.
• Your website might be hacked frequently and the web hosting company cannot help you to find out whats the problem.
• Your email might be hacked and start sending spam emails, virus or scam emails to your clients or friends.
• Your website will not get a good ranking in Google search result.
• Your email address or domain name might be blacklisted by many banks and ISP because the cheap or FREE web hosting server your website hosting at, the IP Address had been blacklisted or banned by the Firewall of the banks and ISP.

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