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Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park
The 5 green jewels which dotted the idyllic blue South China Sea can be reached by speed boats within 15-20 minutes from Kota Kinabalu. The largest island is Gaya Island, fringed with mangrove-forest that offers a delightful mangrove boardwalk adventure. The most visited islands are Manukan, Sapi Island and Mamutik. Most of these islands are blessed with white sandy beach, offering ample space for picnic and fun beach activities. You can also hire snorkeling gears and delve into the shallow water for some underwater fulfillment. Seawalking package is available at Sapi Island. If diving at Sipadan or other highly rated dive spots is beyond your means, you may contact a local dive operator for a dive in this park. The reefs lie in shallow waters with little current makes it an ideal dive site for novice divers. The diverse and the occasional presence of rare marine creatures also make it a wonderful dive location for experienced divers and underwater photographers.

Pulau Tiga
Ever heard of CBS’ Survivor series? The famed 2000 reality show which saw Richard Hatch returned home with USD1 million was shot in this mysterious remote island 50km off Kota Kinabalu. International limelight aside, this island has more enlightening facts to tell. The island boasts untouched natural landscape and marine life. Visitors can enjoy beach and water activities such as diving and snorkeling. Diving and snorkeling gears are available for hire.

You would love to hear that there are three mud volcanos discovered on this island. The nearest volcano site is 1km from the base, immensely a favourite place for visitors who wish to soak in the mud. Taking a dip in the mud is not just fun but the mud there is reported to possess therapeutic benefits for our skin. Pulau Tiga is also best remembered for its Snake Island. This tiny island, approximately 20 minutes by boat from the base is inhabited by highly poisonous sea snakes!

There are comfortable accommodations ranging from hostel to private chalets in Pulau Tiga. A 3 day-2 night trip is most recommended to enjoy what this gigantic island has to offer. To reach Pulau Tiga, take a taxi ride to Kuala Penyu - 140km south of Kota Kinabalu. Then, take a 30-minute boat ride from Kuala Penyu jetty. Advance booking for a tour package is most recommended.

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