Things to Do


Sabah is truly a melting pot of multi-ethnic cultures. Expect less cultural shocks but be prepared to be awed by hospitality of the locals - all staying harmoniously in Sabah. During festive seasons, visitors are welcome to attend the ‘Open House’ hosted by the respective race or religion. Take the opportunity to sample local food and enjoy the merriment of celebrations such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Harvest Festival and Chinese New Year. To experience the best of cultural diversity in Sabah, you are advisable to come during the month of May, where you can attend various cultural events including the famed beauty queen contests called Unduk Ngadau, held in conjunction with Harvest Festival or better known as ‘tadau kaamatan’.

To experience the local’s culture and lifestyle, simply arrange a visit to Kudat Longhouse. Join a homestay program or head north to the cowboy town of Kota Belud on Sunday. Try your skill at bargaining for various types of souvenir items and snacks on top of meeting the friendly locals. Visitors also can arrange a visit to a local cultural village such as Monsopiad or Mari-Mari Cultural Village. Observe and take pictures of the model tribe houses, traditional way of life as well as the unique local dances. Don’t forget to try local snacks during the visit!

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