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Scaling the highest peak in South East Asia, Mt Kinabalu should be in your must-do list. Standing at 4095m, Mt. Kinabalu welcomes adventure seekers to conquer its seemingly never ending submit. Be awed by the montane vegetation that landscape your path up till the mountain hut at 11,000feet.Overcome your physical obstacles to catch the sight of magnificent sunrise at the submit. Above all, enjoy the breathtaking distance view of Kota Kinabalu and Tunku Abdul Rahman Park islands if weather permits.

For more physical challenges, try the world’s highest Via Ferrata and Asia’s first Via Ferrata on Mt. Kinabalu. Launched in 2007, the name via ferrata, or via ferrate (plural) originates from an Italian word ‘Via Attrezzata’, which refers to routs that are integrated with a series of rungs, rails and cables embracing the rock face. Arrange your tour with Mountain Torq, which offers marvelous packages including Walk the Torq, The Low’s Peak Circuit, The Preamble, The Balancing Act, The High Path, and Conquer the Torq.

Other trekking options that you can choose are trekking at Crocker Range or Maliau Basin. A crocker range trekking package ideally takes 4D/3N to complete. Trekkers will meander through hilly terrains cross the streams past sporadic villages and shifting cultivation along the semi-dense jungle route. Stay at village houses, eat the local’s way and mingle with villagers during the night stopovers. Perhaps trekkers’ most rewarding fulfillment is to trek at Maliau Basin - fondly called the ‘Lost World of Sabah’. Travel to the south of Sabah by air and drive off the beaten track to reach the gate of Maliau Basin Conservation Area. A 6D/5N itinerary is ideal to explore the rugged terrain and predominantly lower montane forest-track, which also lead to the magnificent 7 tiers Maliau Falls. Maliau Basin is 390 sqr km in size and resembles a saucer as seen from the air. Advance written permission to enter the Conservation is a must.

White Water Rafting
Get your adrenaline pumping by taking an adventurous trip to a scenic gorge in the interior. Put on your rafting gears and shoot through mind-blowing rapids. Enjoy a mouth watering BBQ lunch after your exhilarating rafting experience. You have the options to participate in white water rafting at Padas gorge or Kiulu River. Padas is further at the south of Sabah, ideal for advance paddlers. Water grade in Kiulu River is mild, a great option for beginners and families who anticipate a fun ride along the lush green vista and picturesque villages.

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