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Hosting Services from Cyber Security Company

Cash Back Reward

Now you can join a program to get 50% to 100% cash back.
Let say you paid KKCSI RM1,000. Then you will have the opportunity to get back the RM1,000.
You may register Domain Name with KKCSI, and use this to get back 100% of what you paid.

Specialised Services

KKCSI build useful and fast loading Websites, hosting it at our Secured Web Hosting servers and use our Cyber Security skills and knowledges to protect your websites, databases, emails and important data.

If your website hacked by others, emails always infected by malwares and viruses. Contact us for a FREE Penetration Test. Means, we can do a simple analysis on your website, your existing hosting server and give you some advises.

If you want to change hosting to us. We will help you migrate everything. Free of Charge.


Web Design

• HTML / CSS / JavaScript
• WordPress CMS
• e-Commerce
• Rescue hacked websites
• Register Domain Name

FREE Web Hosting

Features :
• For simple website
• No Email. But can use other Free email such as Gmail.
• Can redirect your Domain Name to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Cheap Web Hosting

Suitable for :
• Small website
• Email
• Less visitors to the website
• No online transaction

Secured Web Hosting

Suitable for :
• Any website
• Email very important
• Large volume of visitors to the website
• Online transaction

Why Choose KKCSI

KKCSI is a Cyber Security Company


Honest and Dependable

KKCSI respect clients' privacy and confidential. We encourage our clients to take our Cloud Email Solution, it is a good way to help to protect your email privacy. Other Web Hosting companies may keep on asking you to upgrade to more Disk Space when your email accounts growing. We try to help our clients to save cost.


We Are Always Improving

KKCSI want to become the best Web Hosting provider for High Security but at the most affordable price. Unlike the Cloud Web Hosting which may surprise you with an expensive bill. Because they charge you based on your usage. KKCSI charged at FIXED price with no hidden cost.


We Are Responsive

KKCSI provide free sales and technical support vie email and WhatsApp. Customers from China can contact KKCSI using WeChat too. 

Our Clients

We have been in the web design and web hosting business for more than 20 years.
Below are some of our prestige clients.

Web Hosting

Clients sign up for Web Hosting only. They want High security and faster speed of the Web Hosting server. They want to protect their emails privacy and confidential, and their company reputation. Website and Email migration to KKCSI are FREE of charge.

Web Design

The Website designed in HTML, CSS and JavaScripts. Having better advantages in faster webpages loading speed and better Security. No database required. Website can link to the clients' Social Medias and Shopping Sites such as Shopee, Lazada, etc.

Web Design

These websites designed using WordPress. KKCSI designed the website layout. Then the clients update their own website contents. KKCSI will monitor the security of the website. In case of the website hacked or corrupted due to plugins crash or technical error. KKCSI will restore the website FREE of charge.

KK Cyber Security Inc.
KKCSI is a Cyber Security Company based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
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